Freak Upon Freak

by Johnny Acecraft



The first of two solo albums by Johnny Acecraft, from 2008


released November 16, 2008

All songs written by J. Hinton
All songs recorded at the Innariddim Sound Studio, Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia, except 'Loo Song With Words' - recorded at Pomphrey Studios, Perth, Western Australia



all rights reserved
Track Name: Space, Man
Let's go to space, man, shame to let it all go to waste, man, let's get into space.

Let's go to the Sun, that'll be fun, our journey's only just begun
We'll get a nice tan while we plan the rest of our holiday
There's no need to bring your skis, it's 5,500º
And I am sure you'll be so pleased that you'll want to stay
But next on our itinerary is the planet of Mercury
It's currently the place to be if you are sick of the sea
The Sun is so big in the sky that the surface is totally dry
And that's probably why nobody's ever been by
But we are breaking that trend, we're doing space end to end
You're my intergalactic friend

Let's go to space, man, shame to let it all go to waste, man, let's get into space.

Let's go to Venus, the planet of volcanic activity
It will consume us before we've had time for a cup of tea
It's so dangerous because the pressure is so high
And the air is so poisonous that we will very quickly die
I'm not so up for this so let's give that one a miss
And see what lies in store on the planet of war
Mars is my kind of dive, it's got a much nicer vibe
And it might just contain life

Let's go to Mars, man, we're almost half-way to the stars, man, let's get into space.

Jupiter is the biggest of all, the giant gas ball
Through the layers of liquid metal we will fall
It's got a big red spot which I like quite a lot
And what a lot of interesting moons it has got
Saturn is next, it's quite complex
It's got so many rings that it leaves me vexed
Its surface is yellow with helium below
We'll pop by quite quickly just to say hello
Uranus is famous as the planet whose name is
Most likely to cause mirth and to entertain us
It's a big blob of blue with nothing to do
I suggest we just pass through

And continue into space, man, shame to let it all go to waste, man, let's get into space.

Neptune is such a very very distant place
That we are now doomed never to rejoin the human race
It's got thirteen moons which is bound to be unlucky for some
Because pretty soon you're going to start to cry, kick and scream for your mum
But last and certainly least
Is the planet of Pluto which has recently deceased
It's too crap to be a planet any more
And beyond that who knows what lies in store?
But we're not going to find out by staying indoors
So stop hesitating, procrastinating, what are you waiting for?
Get out that door!

Let's go to space, man, shame to let it all go to waste, man, let's get into space.
Track Name: The Itch
Itch me bitch, I got a bit of a twitch
You see I got this new top and it's got a thick stitch
Which scratches at patches of my back
I can't hack this reckless attack
I gotta switch what I'm wearing
Gotta be a bit more daring
Gotta give my skin a good airing
Gotta start tearing away the layers
Get me to a tailors
This pain may be heinous but it sure ain't contagious
Yo bitch
You who bewitch
Please don't tell me that you won't scratch my itch
I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
And right now, since your back's doing fine
I'll be the first in line.
Yo, scratch my itch up.
Track Name: Nondescript entity
Oh, Nondescript Entity, won’t you reveal your identity?
Oh, indeterminate thing, what confusion you bring
Oh, Nondescript Entity, I’m not quite sure what you’re meant to be
Oh, indefinite form, how you differ from the norm

I used to think that everything was very clearly labelled
And that I’d always be able to describe what’s on the table
But I have since discovered something quite beyond description
And I’m stricken with addiction to deciphering its inscription
It’s quite unlike a single thing that I have seen before
And I’m hoping that I don’t see any more

Oh, Nondescript Entity, I wish that you’d never been sent to me
The strangest thing I’ve ever had and it’s driving me mad.
Track Name: Don't Be A Linkonfosoborofos
Don't be a linkonfosoborofos...

I am but a linkonfosoborofosoboro
Looking through the holes in my linkonfosobing-bong-linkonfosoborofosoboro

Looking at a lovely lady
Is a feeling that drives me crazy
I've been feeling linkonfosoborofos lately
But I think I've just met the girl who's gonna save me

Alamalatjafs ut i fiskamalajkabinga-bonga-bej
Alamalatjafs ut i fiskamalajka-chipp-chopp
Alamalatjafs ut i fiskamalajkabinga-bonga-bej
Alamalatjafs ut i fiskamalajka-chipp-chopp-kinaminaminamann
Track Name: Gura, Hoj, Tjej
Jag har min gura och min hoj
Och visst kan det ju vara skoj i för sig
Men det saknas en grej
Och det är en tjej

Vem ska jag skriva mina kärlekslåtar för?
Vem vill bli förförd av en sådan kärleksamatör?
Varför är jag ensam när jag vill sjunga sång i kör?
Och varför är jag alltid jämlikt (should be "ständigt") på sånt jävligt gott humör
Fastän det saknas en grej...
Och det är en tjej.

(And other similar sentiments...)