Scientists Don't Karaoke (AKA K Is For Knowledge)

from by John Hinton



Scientists don't karaoke,
They don't do the hokey-cokey,
They're not copycats,
They don't copy facts,
They don't just say

Scientists they go to college,
Where they learn to seek new knowledge.
When they find it,
They don't mind it
If others make sure that their knowledge is demolished.

Science advances
By taking chances,
Not by copying another person's dances.
Scientists they don't assume they know it all,
They know that in the scheme of things the part they play is small.

How do we know that we know what we know?
Well, we get a hypothesis and give it a go.
In science, knowledge is a slippery fish:
A scientist only ever knows-ish.


from Ensonglopedia of Science, released May 23, 2017
Words by John Hinton. Music by John Hinton and Jo Eagle.
Featuring Jo Eagle on accordion and Becky Hogge on clarinet.



all rights reserved